Women’s sexuality is contextual, so the way you kiss her is more important than you think. Some women love foreplay more than penetration. Now I’d like to share three new ways to kiss a girl and make her think you’re the ultimate s*x god.

  • Build massive attraction first and then you delay the kiss on purpose. When you are talking to a girl, make sure the ambience is right. That’s why where you have the date is paramount. Ideally, you should see her in a relatively quiet environment, e.g. a coffee shop with yellow light (think candle light or something similar) and soft background music. Then when you are having a conversation with her, you should deliberately introduce pauses – embrace the silence and you look at her eyes while leaning back. This makes you look relaxed and attractive because you are not needy (leaning toward her will make you look needy). If she holds eye contact with you, you should look at her lips, and then you look at her eyes while slowly touching her hair, her neck and her shoulders. She will be so turned on that she wants to kiss you now…but you delay the kiss deliberately to make her even more aroused.

  • Use “triangle gaze” to seduce her and then you can kiss her. You may communicate your desire to a girl by looking at her right eye, and then her left eye, and then her lips, and then her eyes again. This will further turn her on. If she is really attracted to you, she should be wet at this stage already. Now your lips gently, slowly touch hers. Feel the texture, the temperature and the moisture of her lips. Inhale the fragrance of her lip gloss. Yes, kissing is a bit like meditation – it’s a mindful experience. Meanwhile, you can begin to touch her lower back, her stomach and her breasts with her clothes on. Gradually, your tongue touches her tongue. Now if there is no objection, you can even touch the area between her legs (with her clothes on).

  • You should end the kiss first and make her want more from you. If you feel that she is really into it, you should end the party at its peak, meaning it’s your responsibility to break the kiss and leave her wanting more from you. Now your hands shouldn’t leave her body, but you look extremely calm. She will be amazed by how cool you are and now she is thinking, “If this is what he can do in a public place, then he must be a s*x god in the bedroom.”

Photo by Joanna Nix