Aphrodisiacs are underrated these days, so I’d like to show you a list of sexy, erotic foods today!

  • Oysters. This food gives you more energy and makes you feel friskier & more playful. Therefore, it is considered one of the best aphrodisiacs in the world. It is said that Casanova seduced a virgin by sliding a delicious oyster from his lips to hers. Because oysters contain a lot of zinc (which is good for sperm production and testosterone production) and lots of dopamine (which increases your sexual desire), you must eat more oysters (not “should”, I mean “must”).

  • Honey. Hippocrates prescribed honey for sexual vigor. Indeed, honey is also known as liquid gold which boosts your sexual performance. Since honey contains boron which regulates hormone levels and nitric oxide that helps to increase blood flow during sexual arousal, honey can help you open up blood vessels for harder boners as well as brutal clitoral engorgement.

  • Salmon. As salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids, it increases your libido by providing the building blocks for testosterone production. Better still, it’s good for your heart health as well. And of course, heart health is important for the energetic sport in bed, too.

  • Wine. Please note that wine helps chicks to calm down, so this aphrodisiac is better for chicks. Don’t forget that a chick can only achieve an orgasm when she is totally relaxed, so you should always get her to drink some freaking wine before banging her honey pot! By the way, wine isn’t recommended to dudes because if you are drunk, chances are you can’t even get a boner that is hard enough.

  • Chocolate. This is the ultimate aphrodisiac for both men and women, because chocolate contains phenylethylamine, a stimulant which creates a sense of sexual well-being and excitement. It is reported that dark chocolate which has at least 75% cacao works wonders, e.g. your ejaculation might flood her honey pot and she will wonder why the hell something is leaking for days.

Photo by gaspar manuel zaldo