So you found the girl, huh? She’s cute, gorgeous and seems actually friendly with others. Damn, even her friends look sexy too. One part of you want to be the man and approach her and the other darker side of you just want to be in the comfort zone of your friends and avoid the danger of the harsh rejection. We don’t give a sh*t about the second part of you so let’s man up and deal with it.

The first thing we need to address is that buying a drink in order to get noticed is an expensive sport. It also represents a lack of confidence because many guys who can’t speak to girls do the same thing too. So let’s come up with a strategy first.

Talk First

Don’t buy the drink and ask the waiter to be your wingman. Girls would give you a smile, enjoy the drink and leave. If you are happy with a 15 bucks smile, all good for you but most men are not. Talk to them first and see if they are available. Don’t try anything stupid, just be cool and playful. Give them a compliment on their dress or the way they talk. If she’s too attractive for a compliment, try Negging but be careful with that.

Recommend the Drink

If you passed the first step and she is cool you can buy her a drink. Don’t come up as a person who spends money to impress girls. Instead, be super passionate about the drinks in that particular bar and give the impression of being hospitable. Something like “By the way, have you tried Cosmopolitan in this bar? This bartender makes really killer cocktails” would start an interesting topic to talk about and naturally would lead the course of action into you buying her a drink.

Know Your Sh*t

If you are recommending her a cocktail you better freaking know everything about it. How it’s made and what is roughly the alcohol volume. But I still have a few suggestions for you!

Considering this agenda, you are better off with a red colored cocktail. It will give you the impression of being passionate and would introduce a more intense romantic mood to the conversation. If the drink looks sexy, she would also feel sexy. Having said so, here are a few options that are considered safe to recommend:

Order a Triple Berry Margarita With Salt

No one hates margaritas, even though they might hate Tequila! Remember that you should always ask if you want it with salt or not. Additionally, it is considerable to know how you want your margarita to be served, frozen (ice blended) or with

Order a fancy Cosmopolitan

A cosmopolitan which is shortly called a cosmo is a cocktail made with vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and freshly squeezed or sweetened lime juice.

Order a strawberry blonde

This cocktail is great, a smooth and sweet mix of Strawberry vodka, cranberry juice and club soda which is usually served on the rocks. Not all bars serve this cocktail by reason of not having that freakish flavored vodka in stock. So first examine the availability before you order!

Photo by Daniel Monteiro