Going to a bar is a high-leverage activity when it comes to hooking up with chicks, because almost every bar is full of qualified leads – by that I mean hot women in bars are already looking forward to meeting men like you, as they are yearning for male attention. In order to help you hook up with a hot chick in record time, I’d like to show you how to literally pound her in the bathroom of a bar. You are welcome.

  • Show your sexual intent early. Most men make this mistake: They are very nice in front of women because they hope women will find them attractive. That’s the No. 1 mistake in dating and relationships as the intention is wrong. There is a difference between being a kind man and being a nice man in order to hustle women into bed (which rarely happens). Therefore, it’s your responsibility to show your sexual desire early when you meet a hot chick in a bar. You can demonstrate your sexual intent through your intense eye contact (AKA eye f*ck) for several seconds. And then your eyes begin to “travel” on her face while talking to her in a relaxed way, i.e. you look at her eyes for a second; you look at her nose for a second; you look at her lips for a second. Now she absolutely, positively knows what’s happening because she has seen enough Hollywood movies to understand what that means.

  • Escalate quickly before you are ready. Don’t use your logical brain to analyze everything you experience. Just embrace the erotic feelings throughout your body as you are interacting with this hot chick. When you are looking at her lips and she is talking to you with a smile, that means it’s on. Now you say something to her close to her ears (because the music is loud in the bar) while putting your arm around her lower back. If there is no objection, you know it’s definitely on. Now probably she will physically invest in you by getting closer to your body, so it’s a good time for a make-out session then and there!

  • Be the bold guy who leads the dynamics. Once the make-out session is done, you can lead her to the bathroom of the bar without verbally saying it. If she doesn’t physically push you away, you must do her in the bathroom because she knows spontaneity is exciting. Don’t forget to lock the bathroom door!

Photo by Brooke Cagle