If you are like me, you probably find banging chicks in bed is a bit boring nowadays because dudes like you and I often want to try something new, something exciting and something adventurous!

  • Bang chicks in the dark corner of a cave. Of course, you can’t bang a chick during a touristy tour, that’s lame. But if you know a les crowded cave, you should totally take your date for a hike. I can tell you she would love it because it is thrilling as f*ck! Just take her to a dark corner and have a passionate make-out session with her here and there! When she is really turned on because of this enchanting experience (don’t forget that women secretly want this kind of adventures), she will want to do it with you immediately instead of waiting until you two go home. So, you should be assertive and bang her ASAP.

  • Bang chicks in the shower or a bathtub. Make sure the water is running vigorously while you are banging a chick in the shower. The water is a sexy tool which helps you do the foreplay part and the best news is the water just keeps running, so this type of sensuous foreplay continues for as long as you want! Alternatively, you can bang a chick in a bathtub full of water and some rose petals. In that case, every thrust is accompanied by a splash of water, so this erotic sound and rhythm will assist the chick to achieve an orgasm fast. But don’t insert rose petals inside her p*ssy!

  • Bang a hot chick on a balcony. If you are dating an open-minded chick, you would be well-advised to bang her on a balcony. Because both of you are wondering if anyone is watching your sexy activity (frankly, probably no one is really watching you anyway & even if someone is watching you, so what? They can’t do anything about it.) This thrill will make the entire experience more fun, memorable and unforgettable.

Photo by Jakob Owens