In order to find a girl for a one-night stand, you need to figure out where these chicks are. Usually, the best place to get a girl for a one-night stand is nightclubs where hot chicks are dressed up to meet men for sexy encounters. These chicks are already converted by the setting, so you should be there, too!

  • Initiate a conversation with a girl in the nightclub by paying her a compliment. When you approach a girl in the nightclub, you can just pay her a compliment like “You are cute, are you from Vancouver (or whatever city you want to say)?” Because it’s a question, she has to say something to you (meanwhile, you paid her a compliment, so she wouldn’t react badly) You just keep the conversation going and then build a rapport with this girl. Now you ask her to dance with you.

  • On the dance floor, you begin to physically escalate on her. You don’t need to ask for her permission – just touch her, as long as she looks happy around you on the dance floor. Remember: women want men to touch them – it’s human nature. Use the dance to build physical attraction and sexual tension. At the end of a song, you give her a long hug which lasts for at least five seconds. If she doesn’t push you away, you should move on to the next step.

  • Isolate the girl and take her out of the nightclub. You can say, “Let’s go out for some fresh air” or “Let’s go out for a cigarette”. Don’t ask “Shall we go out to talk?” Always use statements rather than questions in this case, because asking a question gives her power to reject you, whereas saying a statement in a confident way makes her admire your courage and want to follow your leadership. Also, since you didn’t say “Let’s go to my place,” her friends can’t stop her from smoking a cigarette outside the nightclub and they will let her go outside with you. When you two are standing outside the nightclub, don’t take her to your place immediately. You can have a cigarette and talk to her for a while. Don’t mention you run a successful business or you have fame or power, because these high-value things will make her want to keep you as a long-term boyfriend instead of a short-term fling (you are only looking for a one-night stand). Just use your intense eye contact, sexy escalation and dominant leadership to seduce her. If her reaction is good, you can have a make-out session with her outside the nightclub and then you say, “Let’s get a taxi and go to my place.”

Photo by Alexis Brown